plasto-tec GmbH is an independent, dynamic and well-established company providing plastics equipment and components for plant engineering and construction. It is based in Mautern, Lower Austria. In 1997, it has emerged from the former "Plastics Container Construction" division of Krems Chemie AG and has since been integrated into the worldwide activities of the Plasticon Composites Group. Due to the synergistic effect of this integration we are in the position to offer one-stop professional solutions at a consistently high level of quality for the immediate benefit of our customers. In order to be up-to-date with the technical progress, we regularly keep contact and exchange information with the TÜV and Austrian R&D institutes in the field of plastics.

Key Activities

Plastic constructions such as storage and transport containers, process plants, waste air smokestacks, pipelines for the chemical industry, paper and pulp industry, environmental technology and industrial engineering

► Advice on planning and conception
► Supply of components and accessories
► On-site production of large components up to 20 m in diameter
► On-site assembly
► Inspection, maintenance and repairs


Qualification and commitment characterize the employees of plasto-tec. In order to keep pace with the rapid progress of technology, plasto-tec’s employees are involved in a systematic training programme:

► The technical staff members are instructed and trained on innovations, changes and extensions. Our customers directly benefit from increased production quality and up-to-date service.

► The certified laminators and thermoplastics welders are continuously trained following the guidelines of leading test institutes such as DVS, KIWA and TÜV.