Only professional installation and assembly ensures that the benefits of plastic components can be fully exploited. For this purpose, a broad knowledge of processing techniques such as laminating and welding as well as years of relevant experience is required. Plasto-tec’s experienced technicians are not only available for assembling and installing the components delivered by ourselves, they also undertake or support all your maintenance activities with regard to service, inspection and repair of plastic components at your site.

On-site Fabrication

Frequently, the supply of very large equipment and components causes problems or even fail due to transportation limits. In these cases, on-site fabrication becomes mandatory. Plasto-tec can provide "on-site" filament winding to manufacture components such as apparatus, tanks and pipes up to a maximum diameter of 20 meters. Thus, logistic problems – and the risk and cost associated - are significantly reduced, whilst the effectiveness of the construction site is increased.


The periodic monitoring of plastic components in operation ensures the longest possible service life even under most difficult conditions. Plasto-tec recommends routine maintenance to minimize downtime and to avoid unplanned downtime. The following services are offered for this purpose:
► Maintenance / predictive maintenance
► On-site inspection
► Repair
► Retrofitting of equipment and facilities